Danceway Studio - Unit 2 - Level 2, Bourne House, 

10 Short Street, Port Macquarie  NSW  2444

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Danceway Studio - Level 2, Bourne House,
10 Short Street, Port Macquarie. 0418627683

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Unit 2, Level 2, Bourne House

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Coming Events & Dance Courses

Comming Events

Christmas Studio Schedule

Opening Hours

  • Danceway will be teaching lessons up to and including Wednesday 20 December.
  • We will have a break over Christmas and re-open for lessons on Monday 8 January.
  • Regular classes will commence from Monday 30 January.

School Holiday Program (week by week classes)

 Mondays      - Private Lessons

                    - 6pm -  Latin Technique

                    - 7pm  - Standard Ballroom Technique

Tuesdays      - Private Lessons

                    - 7pm -  Introduction to Social Dancing

Wednesdays - 9:30am - Social Sequence workshop and Practice

                    -  Private Lessons

Thursdays    -  Private Lessons


Remember - The Studio will close from Wednesday 20 December and re-pen in 2018 on Monday 8 January, so book your lessons in now.

Most courses will recommence when schools recommence.


Private Lessons are available from Monday 8 January


Enrolling NOW for 2018!!

Tuesday        30 Jan-  Adult Basics  -  7pm to 8pm  
                                (7 week course - $15 per person, per class)


Wednesday  31 Jan- Social Sequence Class - 9:30am to 10:30am
                                (Term Based Course - $12 per person, per class
                                 incl practice between 10:30am and 11am)

Explore popular sequence dances including:
Saga Waltz;       Joyette;  
Emmerdale Waltz;      Sally Anne Cha Cha;  
Barclay Blues;      Jacqualine Cha Cha;  
Tango Soliare   & Lucille Waltz.
Dance summaries will be supplied, with detailed dance scripts available for purchase.

                           - Practice straight after the class - 10:30am to 11am 


2018 Medal (Technique) Courses ($18 per person, per class)

Mondays        - 6pm to 7pm         - Latin American (Terms 1 & 2)

                     - 7pm to 8pm         - Standard Ballroom (Terms 1 & 2)

                     - 8pm to 9pm         - New Vogue (Terms 1 & 2)

Wednesdays - 6:30pm to 7:30pm - Silver Star Standard Ballroom (Terms 1 & 2)


Medal Tests will be held annually, in June and December , at the studio
                 Medal Exams usually commence from 10am at our studio at 10 Short Street, Port Macquarie.


Join our Medal Classes now, to be ready for our Medal Exams


2018 Social Dance Classes ($15 per person, per class)

Tuesdays - 7pm to 8pm - Adult Basics (next 7 week course starts on 30 Jan)


Wednesdays  9:30am to 10:30am - Social Sequence Class -  - Term 1 Course

                               - Practice straight after the class - 10:30am to 11am 


Saturdays - 9:30am to 10:30am - Intermediate

                - 10:30am to 11:30am - Beginners


If you cannot find a course that suits you, why not get a group of friends together & create you own.

Contact us now - we can teach YOU to dance.

At Danceway, we teach everyone from Beginners to Professionals.

No matter if you

Whistle are curious to discover what Danceway can offer,

Crying need to learn for a function or your wedding

 Wowwish to try competition (Dancesport), or improve your technique (Medals)

Smile or wish to share your knowlege by gaining qualifications and teaching

and YES - we are registered for Working With Children


CALL US NOW FOR A BOOKING - 0418 627 683