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29. Jan, 2018

This year, I have made the following resolutions.

1) Get fitter and lose weight

2) Meet new people

3) Improve my balance and posture

4) Challenge my mind with new experiences and solving complex problems

5) Improve my quality of life

6) Reduce my visits to the doctor

7) Enjoy a wide variety of music


Does this list sound familiar?


Fortunately, I dont have to worry about breaking my new years resolutions.


I have them all covered because I AM A BALLROOM DANCER!



15. Jul, 2017

Hi Dancers,


Thank you to all those dancers who contacted me in response to my previous post - Change or go Backwards.


As a result of your input, I am looking carefully at the calendar to include a Social Dance (possibly themed) in the near future - watch this space.


I have also included a daytime sequence class on Wednesday mornings. 

The Social Sequence class will commence from Wednesday 19 July, and I am trialling it over Term 3. Start time is 9:30am, and it will run for 60 minutes. Cost is only $8 per person per class.  This class will be followed with practice time between 10:30am to 11am - straight after the Social Sequence Class - and only cost $2 per person per session.


The final addition is 2 new Medal Classes - Silver Latin - Monday 6pm to 7pm,  &   Silver Star Standard Ballroom on Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm.


Remember, if you want the studio to include new classes into our program, them please, be willing to support them by comming along, and bringing as many people as you can. By doing this, the studio can continue bringing you quality tuition, and am able to keep the prices down.



11. Jun, 2017

In keeping with the studio vision of "Change or Go Backwards", I am asking dancers for their input.

What would you like to see at the studio?

I encourage everyone to submit ideas by adding your comments below.

I hope that your insight can add new ideas and programs into the studio.

Some suggestions currently under consideration are:

1) A social dance - possibly themed

2) A singles-only that will allow dancers to form groups for further social outings.

3) Exploring Latin American class.


The above are only suggestions, but remember, you gave to commit a minimum number of people (including yourself) to make such events viable.


Post your suggestions NOW, as I am looking for inclusions for Term 3 - commencing 18 July - so be quick.

22. May, 2017

These days, it seems fashionable to blame our situation, or others, for our problems.

I hear people saying that we are becomming obese, and that our use of mobile phones and computers are keeping us connected, but making us anti-social.

As dancers, we know the answer to solve these problems.

If you dance:

  • You meet new people and actually have a face-to-face conversation
  • You learn to work in a team
  • You get physical exercise (without having to dress in lycra)
  • You get mental exercise without doing cross-words
  • You learn a skill for life
  • & is not a drain on our medical system, or become a tax burden





13. Feb, 2017

This question has been on my mind for some time.

It is a 2 part question -

1) Why dont people Ballroom Dance?


2) How can we get more people into Ballroom Dancing?


As a studio owner and principal, I have experienced the benefits of dancing, and it seems to offer all that people are searching for.

Dancing offers a great social atmosphere with a safe environment for people to meet and enjoy good company.

Learning to dance helps with balance and co-ordination

Dancing improves fitness - both physical and mental

In dancing we learn a skill that is with us for life.

We learn about teamwork - as there is no closer team than a dancer and their partner

We can take dancing as far as we wish - even to making it our life profession

It gives us confidence, independance and makes us motivated - skills that are essential for tackling any of lifes challanges.


And yet, people seem to be turning their back on Ballroom Dancing.


Please put down your thoughts on this perplexing issue - as I want dancing to survive, and I am sure that many people out there also think the same.